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Published: 18th May 2010
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ISCAR Kobe, Japan, in 2001 the city established a multi-purpose CS base, there are two functions, one as technology promotion center, the other is a product distribution center. October 12, 2001, the company invited 130 users and dealers and other stakeholders together, the center announced the official establishment and operation. With the establishment of new bases, the company has strengthened ties with the user a fixed place, but also facilitate the development of comprehensive marketing services.

    Multi-purpose base CS

    The new base is located in the Kobe International Business Center building, were taking up two floors, a total area of 825m2, and in July 2001 ISCAR opened in Kobe, where the same business within a building.

    On the first floor for the training center, both technical and skills training to promote two nature centers, with 2 sets of machining centers, vertical lathes and grinding machines and 1 units, as well as other some of the latest machine tools and measuring instruments, used the company's new tool product test cutting or cutting demonstration; second floor distribution center, with 13,000 kinds of products, timely to meet the needs of various users.

    The main purpose of the establishment of new bases in order to improve the CS (customer satisfaction) level. Therefore, the base has the following features:

    (1) cutting demonstration of new products (through the actual cutting for explanation);

    (2) questions (through the trial to illustrate all activities);

    (3) blade products such as special order processing (non-standard products);

    (4) staff training (train marketing engineers);

    (5) to the user as the object of technical workshops;

    (6) Marketing logistics base strategy.

    The first function is to demonstrate new products and cutting, which is ISCAR measures the long-standing business operations, but also for new product development, the most active component. ISCAR's new products annually to a wide range of about 10% of all staff development activities and is closely related, they must understand the development of business related matters. In addition, 60% of sales in less than 5 years of product development, 35% were less than 3 years of product development. Therefore, the employees must always be concerned about the product innovations in production technology. CS establishment of bases is hoped that through the actual cutting process, allowing users to understand the ISCAR's new product features and performance.

    ISCAR's top business executives Jacoh Harpaz said: "Now the United States, Japan, South Korea is in a recession period, ISCAR's products will give users a good return, I am sure that users use our tool products, there will be help to overcome the difficulties caused by the economic downturn. "

    The second function is made for users of various technologies related to machining detailed answers to difficult problems. In the CS center, and users can experiment with cutting through the collection of new cutting method and processing conditions of the relevant data, the situation for possible explanation. Moreover, according to the user's requirements, and explore how to create a process that can adapt to a variety of enterprise architecture. To this end, CS base with a number of newly developed machine tools, such as the company has purchased OKUMA MA-550VB, Hitachi Seiki's VS50-40 two new processing centers. In addition, also bought the Mori Seiki SL-253AMC vertical machining centers and grinding machines, machine tools, and many of the advanced precision measuring instruments.

    The third function is the processing of non-standard products. This is to meet the special needs of the user specifically manufactured products. Currently, in addition to corporate headquarters production of non-standard products, but also Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, 13 countries have established the production of non-standard products factory , Technology Center in Kobe, Japan, ISCAR has established a production base of non-standard products. The base can be obtained via the Internet research and development headquarters technical staff guidance.

    Fourth, the 52 function as staff training. The center can be the first to accept the training of 60 staff. Target branches within and outside the company of two types. In-house staff training is to train qualified marketing personnel and employee skill levels, training outside the company by users, the technical explanation. In the past, in Japan there is no training venues and facilities, but will be sent to the relevant personnel to conduct training in Israel, while the domestic machine tool manufacturers need to use their system to assist in NC. This training is often only in an indirect way of state, and is not easy. With the company's own training center, will be closely integrated with the company's products, employees and customers to a more intuitive and practical training.

    Establish a rapid delivery system

    CS sixth base function is to become the company's strategic logistics base, this tool of foreign manufacturers, is the weakest link. Automobile manufacturers and other machining users attach great importance to real-time processing efficiency, the production line does not allow a moment of delay error, stopping the production line 1 hour, it will bring about huge economic losses. Therefore, as a tool factory, for the conventional GM products must have sufficient reserves and fast delivery should be established supply system.

    Currently, ISCAR direct form of foreign markets, mostly in the main, companies and users directly, it will ensure a quick delivery of. But the Japanese market business practices by dealers to complete the tool flow of products, this flow of information feedback form leads to slow, while the feedback delay is the business of the taboo. In view of this, ISCAR in the distribution center has established a computer network with the company's product inventory management system, monitoring inventory status at any time, any shortage, it may add, from Israel regularly sent to the distribution center, ensuring that the Centre reserve the appropriate number of products.

    As information communication technology and the rapid development of transportation, any place on Earth at present will not feel the distance and time from the difference can be very convenient to carry out business activities. In this case, ISCAR company network and perfect service system, to provide users in Israel produced by the fully automated production line products, like the convenience of the user as where the domestic products.

    ISCAR head of the Japanese company said: "This year will mark the establishment of 8, ISCAR anniversary of the Japanese company, currently has 13 established place of business in Japan by early 2001 sales compared with 2000, there are 2 digits of growth. "This is a good start. In addition, ISCAR the company was in 2000 to South Korea's De Kule companies and the U.S. company Ingersoll tools into his command to form a powerful tool group, from three and metal processing companies related to IMC Group (ISCAR metal Cutting group ).

    ISCAR maximum operating company responsible Jacoh Harpaz said: "IMC group products are now cutting tool market in the world can share in total ranked 2, and continues to grow, to 2004, IMC Group sales will reach 1 billion U.S. dollars . "The company is ambitious to promote the struggle for fame.

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