Four advantages of textile and garment industry achievements in Kaiping

Published: 06th April 2010
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Since November 2002, Kaiping City, successfully hosted the first cowboy Fashion Festival since the city has been the rapid development of textile industry, was named as the country of the national textile production base. At present, the Kaiping city had 263 textile enterprises, denim garment enterprises 162, the other 31 garment enterprises, the annual gross domestic product Chaobaiyi yuan, annual output of denim garments 33.1 million, exports of more than 10 billion yuan, denim Guangdong province's export volume accounts for 1 / 3, formed from a single garment processing to the raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, garment one-stop production, a larger production scale, production capacity stronger, higher degree of concentration National 5 Jeans specialized production bases. Kaiping's textile and garment industry success in gaining a true success is inextricably linked to its four major characteristics.

First of all, a complete industry chain is the basis of its development. Kaiping textile and garment industry has a good industrial base, denim garment industry has formed a complete industrial chain and train a large number of professional and technical personnel and skilled workers, to build a complete denim clothing production chain. Formed a large number of textile and garment enterprises set spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, garment making, washing of textile production in one joint venture, business without going to master the domestic and international chemical fiber textile market, the latest information, to seize the development of opportunities.

Secondly, with loud brand, has a strong competitive edge, is another advantage of Kaiping textile and garment industry. Kaiping's "Chunhui" brand polyester filament yarn, polyester chips and the "Chinese Goldstar" non-woven fabrics are the province of brand-name products; Hing Garment Co., Ltd. produced when he was EASY and TESS jeans famous brand in Europe ... ...

Again, Kaiping's textile and apparel enterprises generally have a present-day international most advanced production equipment and technology, always stand the forefront of technological innovation. BOND Textile Co., Ltd. is the only access to the European Textile Association, the national certification of enterprises, while the flat weaving factory in our province over the first batch of ISO9002 international quality standard of cotton enterprises, product quality, all reached the international most advanced Uster 5 % less than the highest level, is recognized as the best mill in Southeast Asia as well as one of the country.

In addition, textile and garment industry Kaiping culture has a long history of cultural identity apparel apparent. Kaiping adjoin collar Hong Kong and Macao, but also a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese all over the world, many of them were engaged in the apparel industry, promote the Kaiping rapid development of chemical fiber textile and garment industry, garment in the style, color, fashion, etc. to keep pace with the international and formed a jeans-based, open, compatible, easy, practical clothing cultural identity, and establish its own brand name to become the apparel industry in Guangdong Province and the country's "wind vane" to guide the denim garment industry's development.

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