ISCAR companies strengthen marketing strategies

18th May 2010
ISCAR Kobe, Japan, in 2001 the city established a multi-purpose CS base, there are two functions, one as technology promotion center, the other is a product distribution center. October 12, 2001, the company invited 130 users and dealers and other stakeho... Read >

Current Situation and Development of Offset Blanket

23rd April 2010
    In 1982, the former State Economic Commission, set up a printing technology and equipment co-ordination team, under the leadership of Comrade Fan Mu Han developed a 'laser photo-typesetting, electronic color separation, offset printing, binding in... Read >

Four advantages of textile and garment industry achievements in Kaiping

06th April 2010
Since November 2002, Kaiping City, successfully hosted the first cowboy Fashion Festival since the city has been the rapid development of textile industry, was named as the country of the national textile production base. At present, the Kaiping city had ... Read >

The new development into the textile fabric industry

31st March 2010
    China's textile industry has accumulated over a period of time, gone through a great combination with the large high-speed era of brand economy came into being, product design into the design phase of self-and professional division of labor began ... Read >

Textile fabric industry trends

31st March 2010
    In recent years. China's textile industry has accumulated over a period of time. Gone through a great combination and high-speed development times. Brand economy came into being. Product design into the self-design phase. Specialized division of l... Read >